Taking Out The Trash, 12.20.06

  • An ABC release states that “World News with Charles Gibson” is the number one evening news cast among adults 25-54 viewers, averaging 8.45 million among total viewers. The gap over CBS increased by 36% among total viewers.

  • Dick Cheney is slated to testify in Scooter Libby’s CIA leak case.

  • To this tipster: “So, which one of you all has a crush on chris cillizza? nothing could possibly be less interesting to me than this item. except maybe your item about (news flash!) vandehei and harris having their own wikipedia entries. yawn.” It could be me or Inky…or not (we’re not telling). But we will say this: How could you deny this hotness?

  • WRC veterans saying goodbye

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  • Wonkette tells us “how legitimate journalistic organizations use their mighty powers of investigation” to start a “media cat fight.”

  • M.E. Sprengelmeyer, “the scruffy Washington correspondent for the Rocky Mountain News,” gives Jack Abramoff’s custom suits a good home.

  • Meet the staff of The Politico.

  • A tipster notes that “it’s about time they dropped off the ‘.com’ on cillizza. he works in the main post building and has for quite a while. he sits in the same pod as weisman and baker.”

  • A reader asks, “Last night during the airing of MSNBC’s Hardball ‘The College Tour’ @ George Mason University one particular student… an unknown blonde…stole the show. During every camera shot with Robert DeNiro she positioned herself so that she would be in every shot. Sometimes almost swaying back in forth. It stole the show and had the producers going mad. Who was that girl?” Hmm… was she a cheerleader?

  • A reader writes regarding Deb Howell’s comment on running a longer version of a story on the web: “Proving the point precisely that she DOES NOT GET THE WEB AT ALL. Is anyone else horrified?” What do you think?

  • And in reference to “I’m presuming that you all read Frank Ahren’s horrifying piece on Page 1 Monday about Gannett’s plans and how they are being implemented at the Ft. Myers News-Press. If you didn’t, do so now,” a reader notes, “Would be nice if Howell could punctuate properly with Post reporters’ names. Geez.”

  • A tipster submits a potential update to VandeHarris: “BresnaVandeHarrisimonallen”

  • A reader asks, “All respect to David Rapp and all that, but can we please call a moratorium on referring to this whorey business as a ‘craft’? It’s so pretentious and while we probably are crafty and shifty, this is definitely not a friggin’ ‘craft.’ Thank you.” Whorey? Ouch

  • DCRTV reports:

      Freelance broadcast technicians who produce remote events regionally for Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic went on strike Tuesday because they and the company could not agree to multi-year contract.

    • JimVandeHei.com available. So is HugoGurdon.com. TimCurran.com, however, is taken. So is (as you can imagine) JohnHarris.com

    • Oh, and best we can tell, the only other Politico reporter with a Wikipedia page is Amy Doolittle.