Taking Out The Trash, 11.30.06

  • Let’s hear it for pajama pants Fridays!

  • Nov. #’s: FNC ‘Retains Largest Share Of Audience Post Midterm Elections’

  • Late-Night Newscasts See Big Drop In Viewers

  • An update: “U.S. military still questions AP’s reporting on atrocity

  • An ABC release states that “World News with Charles Gibson” closed the gap with NBC by 41% among total viewers and by 82% among key demo viewers versus a year ago.

  • Jon Friedman examines Alicia C. Shepard’s book, “Woodward and Bernstein: Life in the Shadow of Watergate.” Friedman calls the work a “page-turner.”

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  • A reader asks, “who was your washington post ‘source’ on cillizza? his mom? or his PR flack? yowza.” Sorry, we’ll never tell.

  • Paul Bedard has some more details on Kevin Madden.

  • The Reliable Source gals are out to rule the world:

      Arlington, Va.: Brace yourselves. All the Weingarten fans are going to descend on your chat like a plague of locusts. Gene has forsaken us. It’s the End Times, ladies — are you ready?

      Amy Argetsinger: Ha ha ha! Anything to expand our base. Now all we have to do is knock off Marc Fisher and Tom Sietsema and Lisa de Moraes and Josh du Lac and Chris Cillizza and Michael Wilbon and John Kelly and Desson Thomson and THEN we’ll have the most important chat in the world!

      Re: Knocking everyone else’s chats off: Please, oh please, just take Tom off the hit list and I’ll be okay with it. I can live without the rest, but don’t mess with my meals!

      Amy Argetsinger: Tom, Tom, Tom — why does everyone love TOM so much? What about us?!?!?!

  • CBS’ Hillary Profita looks behind the curtain at the adventures of White House poolers!

  • Not that we are criticizing, but why exactly is Tucker evaluating Borat’s affect on Pam and Kid Rock’s demise? We know it’s slow in Washington, but that slow?

  • Howard Mortman wonders: “Reporters love eating. And if they can’t eat, what’s the next best thing? Talking about eating.”

  • And the Extreme-ness reports on “the WJLA news ticker devoted to saying nice things about Kathleen Matthews.”

  • Update to this: Readers write in to tell us that USA Today, National Journal and Tribune newspapers all have grading policies similar to those at the Post.