Taking Out The Trash, 10.20.06

  • Macs and PCs are in a dead heat!

  • Time’s Michael Weisskopf will be at Politics and Prose tomorrow at 1 p.m. for his book, Blood Brothers. Also, Capital Leader’s Marty Tolchin and his wife, Susan, will be at Politics and Prose Sunday at 5 p.m. for their book, A World Ignited.

  • From DCTRV: “DCRTV is hearing more rumblings that veteran reporter IJ Hudson (right) is being shown the door at Channel 4/WRC. Our sources at NBC 4 say that ‘Ira John’ Hudson was actually ‘informed’ weeks ago that he is being ‘let go’ as part of a round of massive cuts coming to NBC, including at its local stations, like WRC. His contract is up in January and is not being renewed.

  • “PBS is getting serious about getting more bang for it promotional buck — or make that no buck — via the Internet.” According to B&C, it has set up a “directors account” on YouTube, allowing for longer clips and some other perks, and begun showcasing promos, with a link to the PBS homepage and the show’s site.

  • Where will Washingtonians be this weekend? California.

  • City Desk reports that the WaPo “is working overtime to try to keep Jane Fernandes’ job for her.” (via Wonkette).