Taking Out The Trash, 10.09.06

  • Quit your moanin’. Apparently most of the city is hard at work today, or at least at work.

  • The NYT’s David Carr reports what we’ve all long suspected: That Lloyd Grove’s time at the New York Daily News is over. (via Gawker)

  • TVNewser has the full rundown of nuke testing coverage.

  • Ed Bark reports that Dan Rather’s latest has been delayed (via TVNewser).

  • Broadcasting & Cable reports that “CBS will be the first network to provide regular daily programming to YouTube, according to the two companies.” In the deal, CBS will provide “short-form programming” and the two companies will share the revenue from the ad sponsorship generated from the videos.

  • WGBH Boston “says that some two-dozen stations have now notified” it that they will bleep a profanity from the Oct. 16 airing of PBS’ civil rights documentary, Eyes on the Prize. B&C has the full list.

  • E&P reports on the internal WaPo debate over “the n-word.”

  • Oh, and newspapers are still looking “dismal.”

  • Public Eye delves into the new standards CBS News set forth for their employees forbidding contributions to political campaigns. Really? They just now forbid that? Does anyone else have the urge to see where CBS News employees were pumping money before?