Taking Out The Trash, 08.28.06

  • Massage parlors are here to stay (or at least should be).

  • As part of NBC News’ coverage of the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams “will have the exclusive interview with President George W. Bush from New Orleans.” According to the release, the interview will air on “Nightly News” tomorrow.

  • TVNewser brings us Chris Matthews’ interview with B&C on the eve of the The Chris Matthews Show’s fifth anniversary.

  • Charlie Cook plugs “the new MSNBC/National Journal joint political website launching on Sept 7” in an interview with Howard Mortman.

  • And his Extreme-ness offers up Bill Triplett in the latest installment of “Blogs The Famous Media Reads.”

  • WaPo executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. talks to the British Journalism Review “about the Washington Post’s unique editorial set-up, and why the British press could learn a thing or two from it about truth and credibility.”

  • We’re not the only ones who noticed the WaPo’s extensive cloud coverage.