Taking Out The Trash, 08.10.06

  • Chris Wallace has scored the first live Sunday show interview with Ned Lamont this Sunday. Lamont will be a guest on this weekend’s “Fox News Sunday.”

  • More on skinterns.

  • From Wonkette: “Hotline TV: The Vacuity of Cable, the Editing Standards of Blogs”

  • Sure wish we were with the White House Press Corps right now. Or not so much:

      “All manner of critters — not including the ones who fly in each August from Washington — can be found here in the dry Texas grasslands: wild turkeys and doves, grasshoppers and fire ants, cottonmouth snakes and, of course, armadillos. Mostly, they live in harmony with President Bush on his 1,600-acre ranch, Prairie Chapel.

    But here’s to same righteous drinking at Locusts.

  • “Art ‘Never Say Die’ Buchwald kept his appointment…in hosting a Martha’s Vineyard auction for the 26th straight year.”

  • The Clinton School of Public Service announced today that George Stephanopoulos is one of the guest lecturers scheduled to visit the school this fall. Stephanopoulos is due up 12/5, following Ron Fournier, who appears on 9/6.

  • Some additions to our list of “Ways to say ‘off the record'”:

      -“I can’t believe you forgot ‘double, secret background,’ that is my favorite! Sincerely, Karl Rove.”

      -“My least favorite OTR remark: …of course, that WAS off the record…”

      -“‘OTR means OFF the record, not ON the record, right?'”

      -“How about reporter-source conversations in which something is revealed and then the source decides it’s off the record? Just replace ‘this’ with ‘that’ in your examples, and voila.”

  • According to Nielsen Media Research data, “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” was “the top-rated Sunday morning public affairs program, placing first in total viewers, homes and among the key demographic adults 25-54” on Sunday. According to the NBC release, the program “attracted 3.186 million total viewers, 25% more than CBS ‘Face the Nation’s’ 2.543 million, a 39% advantage over ABC ‘This Week’s’ 2.285 million and a 144% lead over FOX ‘News Sunday’s’ 1.307 million.”

  • NPR’s Juan Williams will be at Politics and Prose tonight, 7 p.m., promoting his new book, “Enough.”

  • Slow days like today make you really miss Howard Kurtz.

  • Even Jack Cafferty is off today. What will Wolf do without him?

  • DCist touches on the issue of blogs endorsing.

  • Former Postie Thomas Edsall is getting his feet wet for The New Republic

  • Weirdest tip we got all day: “I wish the media will listen to the Iraqi government official in Iraq and the UN council. Please be patient and give the NEW IRAQI UNITY GOVERNMENT A CHANCE! before we make any hasty decision. If not please listen to our US general on the ground. DON’T GIVE UP ON GETTING RID OF GLOBAL TERRORISM!!!”