Taking Out The Trash, 02.02.07

  • Yes, it is football in D.C., but it is a good excuse to drink on a Sunday!

  • An NBC release announces “Meet the Press with Tim Russert”
    was “the nation’s No. 1 Sunday morning public affairs program, winning the week ending Sunday, January 28, 2007 in all categories.” The show averaged 3.97 million viewers, 21% more than CBS’s “Face the Nation,” a 43% lead over ABC’s “This Week” and a 158% lead over Fox’s “News Sunday.”

  • Peter Zollman reports, “On Jan. 25, Dow Jones reported a 5.6 percent year-over-year increase in paid subscriptions to WSJ.com, the companion site to The Wall Street Journal. (The company is moving more toward breaking news online, while publishing depth and analysis in print, as are many publications.) WSJ.com now has 811,000 paid subscribers, the company said.”

  • NPR producer Davar Ardalan will be at Politics and Prose tonight discussing her new book, My Name Is Iran.

  • A reader notes, “Um, let’s jump back to reality.. the des moines register had more people covering hillary than the politico,” regarding this Liz Smith flub.

  • FCC told to focus on public interest

  • Democrats Urge Tighter FCC Rules