Taking Out The Trash, 01.30.07

  • Five minutes left to live and Ben Bradlee takes the cake, with exposing a dirty little secret in a close second.

  • A Washington Post editorial opines, “Those who take pains to insert it when referring to him are trying, none too subtly, to stir up scary images of menacing terrorists and evil dictators. They embarrass only themselves.” Those include Republican lobbyist Ed Rogers, on “Hardball” and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

  • “The Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Corporation (WCTC) has launched a new website, www.shareyourdc.com, designed to give local residents the opportunity to answer the following question: What do you love about DC?” According to the release, “the site is part of a greater research initiative coordinated by WCTC to determine the city’s position in the mind of those who live here and from travelers around the world.” Take the survey and share your favorite things.

  • Don’t forget to nominate either yourself or other “up and coming” journalism stars for our National Press Foundation Dinner giveaway.

  • DCRTV reports, “Former FCC Commissioner Charlotte Reid died last week. She was 93. Reid, who was in the US Congress from 1963 to 1971, served at the Commission during President Nixon’s term in the early 1970s. Known as ‘Annette King,’ Reid was a vocalist on ‘Don MacNeill’s Breakfast Club’ on the old NBC Blue radio network.”

  • Air America Radio Finds A Buyer

  • John Dickerson on Ari Fleischer’s testimony.

  • And more Libby trial updates here, here and here (“Russert: Not Source of CIA Officer Leak”).

  • It costs $1 mil to ride with Wolf Blitzer.

  • What was last week’s biggest story?

  • Edgie award nominees, including some for washingtonpost.com

    And re-posting / pasting this from yesterday since there were some tech difficulties with yesterday’s morning round-up

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Tony Snow dishes to GWU students.

  • Libby Copeland checks in with Daryn Kagan’s “Soft Landing From the Hard-News World.”

  • Why other political reporters envy ABCNews political editor and Note encoder Mark Halperin–he gets to drive Clinton aides Howard Wolfson and Phil Singer to Hillary’s first Des Moines event.

  • Mrs. Bush’s Remarks at the Launch of the Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship for Print Journalism.”

  • This blogger suggests that murders in Prince George’s County are no longer newsworthy.