Take That, Bully Bosses! Study Reveals Humble Bosses Rock

Happy-WorkerAccording to a new study conducted at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, if you’re a humble boss, you may be onto something. You empower and appreciate your employees and you’re open to feedback.

Angelo Kinicki, professor at the business school, talked to USA Today about the best type of boss. “Humility is not weakness. Humility has its effects across levels of an organization in an empowered, uplifting way. You can’t browbeat people into performance.”

Researchers looked closely at CEOs at 63 private companies and 1,000 managers in China. And sure, humble people may be viewed as weak people and they’re usually on the quiet side but they “lead in a different way.”

They empower employees and possess a variety of qualities such as appreciation of others, low self-focus, appreciation of the greater good and self-awareness.The not-so-great bosses (essentially bosses with less humility) tend to have more self-focus, concern over their own gain rather than the team’s, more controlling and opposed to feedback.

Kinicki added in the piece, “It’s time we understood that humility isn’t a sign of weakness or lacking confidence, but rather, a good thing that can benefit us all.”