Take Me Out To The Ball Game

(Photo Credit: MMSL)

We’ve been late getting to this, namely because of that little thing that preoccupied us for most of this past weekend and this week.

But, lest we forget: It’s the time of year for the Metropolitan Media Softball League, which had its first games this past weekend after the previous weekend got rained out.

Over the course of the season, we expect all of you to send us your updates, your gossip, your taunts, etc., etc.

We attended this past Saturday’s game and here were some of the impressions we got:

  • AOL: Almost embarassing how seriously they take it. “There’s no room for error!” was overheard more than once. There was absolutely no joy in AOL’s Mudville.

  • Townhall.com: A talented team, but made up mostly of a bunch of folks who–despite their knee braces and growing guts–seemed desperate to relieve their college glory days on the baseball diamond (“Wait…I’ve forgotten: Do I spit before I re-velcro my batting gloves? Or after? Oh hell, I’ve forgotten. But I bet Ham-bone would remember. I guess I’ll just re-adjust my cup a couple of times and call it a day.”)

  • Washington Examiner: This year’s squad looks poised to reclaim their last-place standing from last year. Only one person got on base against Townhall.com and while they performed better against WashingtonPost.com, they seem more focused on at least earning the title of, “We’re having more fun than you” — regardless of the scoreboard. (Overheard: “Guys, this is slow pitch softball! Relax.)

  • WashingtonPost.com (last year’s champs): Seldom has a team done so much with so little. They just barely had enough players to field a team, but each player was solid…and they even cracked a smile from time to time.

    Read the official wrap-up here.

    Undefeated teams (2-0): Comcast SportsNet, Townhall.com, CNN, Associated Press, National Press Club, WRC-NBC 4, WTTG-Fox 5 and Washington Times.