Sweet Denies Gates Question Planted at Obama Presser, Invites Nay-Sayers Out for Drinks

More today on the question that sparked a discussion of race in America, forced the President to come as close as a President comes to apologizing, and launched a dozen beer summit puns, including our faves “Mug it Out,” “The Audacity of Hops,” “Red, Light and Blue” (as in their beer picks of Red Label, Bud Light and Blue Moon) and “Yes, Three Cans!”

Chicago Sun-Times‘ Lynn Sweet responded on her blog on AOL’s Politics Daily to Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin’s claims that her question on Gates’ arrest at the President’s prime-time press conference was planted.

Sweet says they are wrong and gives the background story. She also takes a page from President Obama’s “beer diplomacy” book, inviting Coulter and Malkin out for a drink:

Ann, Michelle, can we get a beer on this? I’ll pay. I’ll take an Amstel Light. What are your brews? Because gals, you need to look elsewhere for a new conspiracy. Coulter said on FOX News that Obama “had that question planted.” She added, “I do have proof.” On NBC’s “Today Show” on Wednesday morning, host Matt Lauer, asked Malkin, “Do you think this was a planned question?” Replied Malkin, “Absolutely do.”

You are both wrong. The Obama White House did not have a clue what I would be asking. (And why again would they want to plant a question that would take him off his health-care message, a question that was likely to get him in hot water, and did?)

Sweet does say that she did get a call from the White House that evening of the presser to confirm that she would attend. She learned then that she “may” get a question.