Thelma and Louise Take a Selfie

You just know that if Thelma & Louise were hitting the road today, they would at some point take a selfie. Recently, co-stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis did the next best thing, and an image to that effect adorns the cover of this week’s The Hollywood Reporter‘s compilation of Tinseltown’s 100 Favorite Films.

In a sidebar video interview, Davis notes that when she and Sarandon walk down the street together in NYC and do lunch, “there’s a lot of traffic stopping and, like, ‘Oh my God!'” And probably, on the right day, a couple of selfie poses with fans, we imagine, as well.

Few movies zing the zeitgeist as squarely as Thelma & Louise. As noted by Stacey Wilson in the THR item about the 1991 MGM movie:

The fact that the selfie they took at THR‘s reunion shoot on Thursday, June 19, became a globally trending news item only speaks to the enduring (and rabid) fan base…

The use of a Polaroid for the cover shot is a nice retro touch by THR.