Survey Reveals Top 10 Backfired Gimmicks to Get Noticed by Employers

Want to ensure you never get called for an interview? Spit out your gum (yes, we’re talking projectile motion) during the first interview with a recruiter. And yes, this has really happened.

Or maybe you should just bring a shoe to “get a foot in the door.” Or send flowers to an interviewer’s home address that wasn’t previously provided. Downright creepy, yes?

As a foot note to yesterday’s post about innovative ways candidates have gotten noticed by potential employers in a very good way, there’s always the risk factor. After all, not all valiant efforts ended on a high note.

CareerBuilder also took a look at examining the worst ways candidates attempted to lure the attention of employers. By connecting with over 2,000 professionals nationwide, their results indicated some pretty hilarious moments.

Per the press release their vice president of human resources indicated stunts that work best emphasize your skills and abilities, not your ability to rock a clown costume.

Techniques that Didn’t Work

1. Candidate back-flipped into the room.

2. Candidate brought items from interviewer’s online shopping wish list.

3. Candidate sent a fruit basket to interviewer’s home address, which the interviewer had not given her.

4. Candidate did a tarot reading for the interviewer.

5. Candidate dressed as a clown.

6. Candidate sent interviewer some beef stew with a note saying “Eat hearty and hire me J.”

7. Candidate placed a timer on interviewer’s desk, started it, and told interviewer he would explain in 3 minutes why he was the perfect candidate.

8. Candidate sent interviewer a lotto ticket.

9. Candidate wore a fluorescent suit.

10. Candidate sent in a shoe to “get their foot in the door.”