Survey Reveals Majority of Employers Covet Soft Skills in Candidates

judgeIf you want to stand out from the pack (and by that we mean other candidates), then let your soft skills shine!

That’s because a new survey by CareerBuilder indicates that 77 percent of employers say soft skills are just important as hard skills.

We would argue in some cases they’re actually more important. After all, you can always teach someone Drupal or WordPress but you can’t always send them to charm school. And actually, 16 percent of employers in the survey said the skills associated with your personality and attitude trumps technical skills.

Per the press release, it’s clear companies look for the “best of both worlds.” That is, someone who’s proficient at their craft but also plays well in the sandbox. The right personality (or in some cases, the wrong one) will either make or break a department.

So, in order to let them shine, showcase your ability to get along with others especially if it’s a group lunch interview. Demonstrate your ability to solve problems and resolve an otherwise sticky situation. Showcase how you can lead and motivate others with your winning attitude.

Instead of saying you’re a team player, show it. Show, don’t tell. Anyone can say they’re a team player but it’s not truly convincing until you can share an anecdote of how you accomplished a goal as a group.

As for the breakdown, companies look for a strong work ethic at the top of their list. Next comes dependability, a positive attitude, self-motivated, team-oriented, organized and the ability to work well under pressure.