Survey Reveals Americans Leave Vacation Time on the Table

In the category of disturbing news, a new study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of travel Web site Expedia says the typical American only used about two-thirds of their vacation time!

What is up with that? Seriously. Apparently on average we earned 14 days of vacation and only used about 10 days away from the office.  Maybe we’re truly workaholics? Fearful of losing our jobs? Fearful of being truly disconnected to recharge our batteries?

Per the study, we’re not even the worst offenders. In contrast, Japanese employees got an average of 18 vacation days per year but only used…get this — seven of them!

And if you thought 14 days here in America was measly, in South Korea the average is 10! Even though typically they received 10 vacation days per year, they only used seven of them. Seven! (Yes, there is an echo in here. Do not adjust your screen.)

Switching gears, the French apparently know how to live and work. They were granted 30 days for the year and used each and every one of them. Interestingly enough, per the study 90 percent of the French adults agreed strongly or somewhat with the statement, “I feel vacation deprived.”