Sundown on Sunset — Our New Weekly Roundup

Introducing our new feature, Sundown on Sunset, a healthy scoop of media stuff that happened this week. Think of it as the LA blogosphere’s answer to NYT Week in Review, but we take fewer vacations than Frank Rich.

Duff Makes a Difference: Hilary Duff is going to be awarded the 2006 Children’s Choice Award at a “family-friendly” fundraiser for L.A. laboratories that research children’s cancer, leukemia and AIDS.

According to a press release for the event, “The Children’s Choice Award is given yearly to a person or family that makes a difference in the lives of children and their families.”

We’re not sure what Hilary has done to contribute to the lives of sick children, but we’re guessing that these days any young actress who isn’t a filthy, drug-addled slut deserves a medal.

Emmy’s Host Chides ABC: Tom O’Neil has a lively podcast interview with Conan O’Brien today, in which Conan says ABC likely regrets its decision to snub the Emmy’s by broadcasting Pirates of the Caribbean at the same time.

Is It Good For Hollywood?
Variety wonders whether the UK terrorist plot will help or hurt box office numbers for World Trade Center. (And you thought those stuffed animal photos were tacky.)

How (Not) to Tackle Like A Porn Star: updates our earlier story about Jenna Jameson’s football debut with a story saying the porn star’s insurance company refuse to insure Jameson to play in the 2007 Lingerie Bowl. We’re confident the Super Bowl half-time show will be able to scrounge up a cheaper pair of boobs to take her place.