Sundown on Sunset

sundownnow.jpgAdmit it. You’re only logged on right now, reading this, because you’re trying to avoid your visiting family. Well, instead of sequestering yourself on the porch with your laptop like some overgrown teenager, how about taking Uncle Missouri and your racist nephews out for a weekend on the town?

Here are our suggestions:

The Transport Gallery, which is sadly closing its doors come Dec. 31, begins showcasing its finale exhibition, aptly titled Tales of Wonder, Tales of Woe on Saturday. If you haven’t made the trip in the last four years of the gallery’s existence, now, really, is the time.

L.A. icon Griffith Park Observatory re-opened this month, and includes some new attractions — including, apparently a model of the solar system that includes much maligned Pluto. Visiting requires reservations.

Take them to dinner. At 11:30 p.m. That’s what time we were quoted when we tried to get last-minute reservations at Mozza, the much-hyped new pizza place owned by Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali.

And if, after all your schlepping, you’re still being driven mad by your relatives, take heart in knowing that you’re more different than them than you might have thought.