Sunday Show Preview

  • Meet the Press: DNI Mike McConnell and Sen. Russ Feingold and a roundtable with New York Time’s David Brooks, Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes and Washington Post’s Bob Woodward.

  • Face The Nation: Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Olympia Snowe.

  • Fox News Sunday: Homeland Security dir. Fran Townsend, Sens. Kit Bond and Evan Bayh and Sir Richard Branson.

  • Late Edition: Townsend, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Edwards’ campaign manager David Bonior, and a roundtable with CNN’s Dana Bash, John King, and Candy Crowley.

  • This Week: Will not air due to the British Open. It will resume July 29.

  • The Chris Matthews Show: NBC’s David Gregory, Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Cynthia Tucker, BBC’s Katty Kay, and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann.

  • C-SPAN’s Newsmakers: Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Hotline’s Quinn McCord and Baltimore Sun’s Matthew Brown.

  • Bloomberg’s Political Capital: Sen. John Sununu, Robert Novak, Margaret Carlson and reports from Bloomberg’s Dune Lawrence in Beijing and Rich Miller in Washington.