Sunday Morning Shows Take a Beating

gregory-11.jpegOnline media writers have taken a baseball bat to Sunday morning’s roster of political talk shows, but most brutally, to NBC’s “Meet the Press”, hosted by David Gregory.

First, by Jay Rosen ( and Tuesday night by HuffPost’s Jason Linkins.

Linkins is nastier in tone, at one point tweeting, “Another way to improve MEET THE PRESS is to cover David Gregory in delicious, applewood-smoked bacon.”

Rosen suggests a mid-week fact check of the show and directs his idea to MTP’s Producer Betsy Fischer: “Whoever was bullshitting us more could expect to hear about it from Meet the Press staff on Wednesday,” Rosen writes, noting that Fischer never gets back to him on anything.

Linkins agreed, saying, “Surely it’s possible to have a small army of fact-checkers at the ready during the broadcasts…”

Linkins charged that MTP is more about “Pressing the Meat” and buttering up government officials than the show’s name suggests.

Developing…FishbowlDC will report responses as they are provided.

*Update: NBC has no comment on the matter.