Sumner Redstone and His ‘Beautiful Women’

In Robert Evans‘ new book The Fat Lady Sang, there’s a lot of good stuff about the actor-producer-survivor’s lifelong friendship with mentor Sumner Redstone. Now, there’s also a fascinating THR interview.

SumnerRedstoneTHRCoverRather than the usual author of such THR features, Stephen Galloway, this one belongs to veteran reporter Kim Masters and associate TV editor Lindsay Flans. A lot of the answers are one-sentence, but that doesn’t detract from the pleasures of a transcript with one of Hollywood’s very small number of truly legendary figures.

The conversation was conducted mid-December at the mogul’s 15,300 square foot Beverly Park mansion. He was joined for the THR session by his longtime girlfriend Sydney Howland and friend Manuela Herzer:

You’ve got these beautiful women that you go out with.

Do you think they’re beautiful?

They’re both stunning.

You really think so?

And sweet, don’t you think?

Well, they’re sweet. I don’t know how beautiful they are.

Ha ha. That’s the sign of a man accustomed to power. The executive chairman of Viacom and CBS has no problem speaking his mind about the women… in his own house… while they’re sitting next to him! Actually, the Q&A transcript probably doesn’t do justice to that last line above – which we’re guessing Mr. Redstone delivered with a smile.

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P.S. NYC’s Carlyle Hotel may want to frame a portion of the addendum A FEW OF SUMNER’S FAVORITE THINGS, and-or get the pull-quote mechanisms going. And who knew that this man had the country’s largest private collection of saltwater fish?

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