Sulzberger on the Times: Optimistic or Tonedeaf?

arthursulzberger.jpgOver at the NYO John Koblin got the inside line on Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s “State of the Times” meeting yesterday. Apparently Sulzberger wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and in lieu of a moose he “began the meeting with a slideshow that was set to the background of Coldplay’s ‘Clocks.’

The slideshow highlighted all the Pultizers the paper won this year…And by time it was over, no one clapped.
Snap! Perhaps equally as interesting to FBNY readers is the fact Sulzberger does not track competitor’s web traffic numbers because the Times has such an enormous lead. Later someone called him tonedeaf.

As for the paper’s future? Says Sulzberger:

“I promise you, with all my heart, that our beloved New York Times will prevail.”

Someone asked if the paper would eventually turn into a brochure for the web site. He said no.

He said the moment when digital gains offset print declines is “within sight,” but then added a lot of caveats.