Sullivan Takes Swipe at Politico’s Allen

sullivan-11.jpegThe Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan doesn’t hide his contempt for Politico’s Mike Allen in his post today on the reporter he calls “Cheney’s spokesman.” He suggests Cheney ought to paying Allen’s salary rather than Politico.

Sullivan and Allen are former colleagues at Time magazine. Allen had no comment on Sullivan’s assertions.

See the story here.

allen-14.jpegQuestion: Not that we’re suggesting a real battle, but who wins in a physical altercation between Sullivan and Allen? Tell us at or log on to and use our ANONYMOUS TIPS button.

> Update: Sullivan V. Allen – We’re hearing that the two men are friends.

An Anonymous Tipster writes: “Sullivan’s history of medically-mandated steroid use (which he’s written about) has made him VERY muscular. He’d almost certainly win in a fight with Allen. (Not that his criticism isn’t silly on the merits — does Sullivan really think that if not for Allen, no one would report what Dick Cheney has to say?)

Read about Sullivan’s history of “testosterone replacement therapy” here.

> Update (2): Sullivan V. Allen – An Anonymous Tipster writes: “Sullivan is not sweetie-pie/scared enough of his sources to pay them off with quaint little birthday and state visit shout-outs. Then again, Allen isn’t a human. He’s a machine, so… draw?”