Sucking The Oxygen Out Of The Room

We hope you enjoyed last night’s premiere of The Sundance Channel’s “The Hill”, because it’s one of the only local reality shows / docu-drama / whatever-the-hell-you-call-them that you’ll have a chance to see for quite some time.

After reporting back in May that “The Oxygen network is very far along in its development of a reality show/documentary series that will profile ‘ambitious young female professionals, get a glimpse into their professional and personal lives, and develop an idea of what life is like in Washington, D.C. when one works in the political sphere on or around Capitol Hill’ (to quote an email from one of the producers)”, we learned yesterday that Oxygen has decided against picking up the series (which featured a local female journalist as one of the subjects). City Lights Media, which is producing the series, is determined to find a home for it, arguing that focus groups reacted very positively to the show.

We’ll keep you posted.

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