Subtraction Multiplies

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It’s not CopyKaavya or CopyCoulter, but we do like to nail design plagiarists with the same level of high-spirited debate. Today’s lesson, however, is if you’re going to rip off another person’s website, make sure it’s not one of the most popular blogs known to mankind, and you’re not a prestigious educational institution.

Everyone’s Favorite Employee, Khoi Vinh, wrote this article last night at 11:31, and by the time we checked again this morning, the perpetrators had, um, reformed their ways. It seems there was a bit of confusion about Vinh’s Creative Commons License link, which they took to mean “go ahead and copy this site, as long as you say thanks.”

A few words, not to Auburn’s defense exactly, but their School of Architecture featured on the once-identical site is one of the most incredible programs in the country due to the Rural Studio, founded by Samuel “Sambo” Mockbee. If you’re not too miffed about the whole thing, you really should take the time to check out the Studio’s (original) site.