Study: Teleworkers More Satisfied Than Office Schlubs

flickr: striatic

Working remotely generates stress, a new study reports, but it alleviates much, much more, resulting in higher job satisfaction.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Northwestern University examined the advantages and disadvantages of both working environments and found that people who work from home at least three days a week are much more satisfied with their jobs, primarily because teleworking allows more work-life flexibility. Teleworkers are also “shielded from much of the distracting and stressful aspects of the workplace, such as office politics, interruptions, constant meetings and information overload.”

And the workers didn’t report feeling alienated or alone (probably because nobody communicates face-to-face at work anymore even when you’re in the same cube farm), a surprise considering that being cut-off from workplace conversation and information is usually cited as teleworking’s main drawback.

“Our findings emphasize the advantages of restricted face-to-face interaction, and also highlight the need for organizations to identify and address the problematic and unsatisfying issues inherent in collocated work environments,” says study author Kathryn Fonner.

What do you think? Sound about right? Or are you a face-to-facer through and through?