Study Shows Majority of Employers Not Prepared for Future Objectives

workplace bullyHappy Friday one and all! Thanks for being here. As you know from our posts, we try to be upbeat! Optimistic! Insightful!

But alas, we need to call it like we see it and this new study by Oxford Economics and SAP is a prime example. In fact, just yesterday SAP released it during their SuccessConnect conference.

They surveyed 2,700 executives and 2,700 employees worldwide and discovered two-thirds of businesses will not have made strides in order to build a workforce to meet their future business objectives. Two-thirds!

The main culprit? Misunderstandings between management and employees regarding workplace priorities.

Leadership is lacking. Executives cited lack of adequate leadership as a major obstacle to achieving goals. This makes sense; after all, if you can’t access the right leaders to make decisions and keep things moving forward, essentially things will remain stuck.

The workforce is changing. Just look at media as an example. As news changes, the role of content and how it’s delivered changes and the workforce is becoming more and more mobile, 83 percent of execs mentioned they’ll increasingly rely on consultant employees.

The talent gap is widening. Less than half of employees as part of Workforce 2020 revealed their company provides sufficient training on technology. Plus, less than one-third said their company actually makes technology available for them to tap into. Yikes.