‘Studio 360’ On Political Party Branding with Kevin Kallaugher

In this final week of this never-ending political campaign, when we’re all horribly addicted to anything Obama/McCain (we even caught ourselves pointing out some McCain brand frozen potatoes over the weekend at the grocery store), our pals over at Kurt Anderson‘s public radio show, “Studio 360,” were kind enough to feed into our troubling addiction by passing along this piece which just aired in their most recent episode: a talk with Kevin Kallaugher, the Economist‘s long-time cartoonist, who explains where the donkey/elephant branding came from for both political parties. It’s really interesting, so fire up the speaker and get to listening:

Also, tangentially, in that same episode, Kurt talks to Sarah Vowell about her new book. That reminded us of this NY Times video from the other day where Vowell spends some time talking about Louis Sullivan and why Chicago architecture is so great. Kind of a jump from topic to topic, but at least we got you there unharmed, right? You’re welcome.