Strike Watch: Will The WGA Be Picketing Until June?


Time for pessimism. Over on Fox Business Network, Neil Cavuto interviewed Mandalay Entertainment’s Peter Guber. Guber was the guy behind Midnight Express, The Color Purple, Rain Man and Batman before a high-profile clash with Sony Pictures in 1995.

Guber’s prediction about the current Writer’s Strike? He believes it will likely last until June:

“If they [the writers] wanted to play chicken – Thelma and Louise racing to the cliff – they might say something like unless you make a deal with us right now – knowing that the DGA stop date is in March and they don’t want the DGA negotiating for them – they would say make a deal with us now or we’re going to wait until June and we’re going to test whether or not you can really hang in… and whether you can forgo next year’s television series and go to the advertiser without any product, and I think they would be scared by that… The difference between now and twenty years ago, which is when the other big strike happened, which lasted almost five months and lost a half a billion dollars, everybody came back and the audience came back. Everyone thinks that’s the same here. Now, what’s going to happen is that you have two different forces that play for the audience? You have the Internet, which wasn’t there and you have video games.”

Get ready for a lot more reality television. Or just play with your Wiis instead, we suppose…