Strike Watch: Neal Pollack’s On Strike And He’s Fighting Mad

In which Alternadad writes about himself yet again.

When Slate sent Neal Pollack out to cover the WGA writers strike, it was kind of inevitable that Pollack would… write about himself. After all, he’s Neal Pollack.

On Saturday afternoon, I got a Facebook message from John Aboud, one of VH1’s Modern Humorists. I’ve known John for years. Our dogs had a play date once. “Do you have a strike team yet?” he wrote. Strike team? I thought. Of course I don’t have a strike team. I’ve never been on strike before!
“I’m your man,” I wrote back. If I’m going to have a strike captain, I thought, he might as well be a regular on Best Week Ever.

But at least he got to hang out with Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane and Entourage‘s Doug Ellin.