Strike Watch: Best Of The Blogs

The politicization of the WGA strike continues with the hosts of The View none too happy to be cast as the villains. Michelle Obama, you’ll remember, was scheduled to co-host The View. Obama later said she would not cross the WGA East picket line. Whoopi Goldberg isn’t happy. From ThePolitico:

”’This was something that could have been handled a little differently,’ added Goldberg.

”For Goldberg and the rest of the ladies around the hot topics table, what’s at issue is whether appearing on ‘The View’ represents a leap past a pretend picket line — or whether refusing to appear amounts to political grandstanding.

”’We have two writers on the show who are not with us right now,’ co-host Joy Behar chimed in.”

Yesterday’s talks between the WGA and the AMPTP resumed at an undisclosed neutral site. From The Hollywood Reporter:

”On Monday, talks went to about 6 p.m. before breaking off until 10 Tuesday morning.

”The WGA and the AMPTP launched their contract talks July 16, holding on-and-off bargaining sessions until the strike began Nov. 5. Monday’s session was announced Nov. 16, following back-channel discussions about how to get negotiations back on track.

”Once talks resumed, rumors quickly spread of an imminent deal. Well-placed sources scotched such talk as premature …”

And despite the news blockout, Nikki Finke continues her reporting:

”According to my sources, both sides spent the session recapping where they’d left off negotiations back on November 4th, which was the last time the WGA and AMPTP faced off. ‘So they basically went through all the proposals on the table: what they’d already agreed upon, and where they needed to go from here,’ an insider explained to me. ‘Tomorrow, they really start advancing the ball forward.’

”There will continue to be a news blackout on the contract talks, meaning no end-of-day statements by either the AMPTP or WGA, ‘because no one wants to be the one to derail any progress.’ (My lips are sealed about the site of the meetings.)”