Street Fighting: Tucker Carlson V. Jonathan Alter

So who’s a better street fighter, The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson or Bloomberg’s Jonathan Alter? Since we weren’t there, the jury’s out. But both agree they lost their tempers. And both agree the other behaved worse.

Back story: In an op-ed piece published Monday, The Daily Caller‘s Publisher Neil Patel and Carlson wrote about “legacy reporters” and how they will soon go out of business on account of their relentless pro-Obama reporting. They pointedly went after Alter, recalling an incident one night in which he went “apoplectic” over the now infamous Rose Garden incident in which Daily Caller scribe Neil Munro interrupted the President to pose a question.

The incident happened at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this summer. See what each gentleman had to say about it…

Alter didn’t deny losing his temper, but said Carlson was no shrinking violet that night. In fact, he says, Carlson appeared to be angrier than he was.

“Tucker, whom I’ve known for years, gives as good as he gets,” Alter wrote FishbowlDC by email. “We were both angry on the street one night at the Democratic convention. He was at least as angry as me, maybe more so because he was defending the indefensible–a reporter cutting off a president when he was trying to make a speech. I had expected that it was a misunderstanding–that Munro had not intended to interrupt and had just gotten confused over the normal ground rules, whereby reporters shout questions when the president has finished his prepared remarks (a system in place as long as anyone can remember). But No, Tucker was, in a highly agitated manner, defending his rude reporter to the hilt. If he says he wasn’t yelling, too, he’s full of it.”

Carlson also didn’t deny his agitation that night. “I won’t say I behaved well,” he wrote by email. “I got annoyed and probably didn’t. But I definitely didn’t start it. As a rule I don’t argue with people on sidewalks if I can help it.”