Street Fight Looks Inside The Local Movement

The hyperlocal trend has more buzz right now than a Lady Gaga outfit (or even egg), so it’s no surprise that someone has finally decided to launch a site dedicated to taking a peek inside that growing market.

Street Fight, which just launched today, does just that. The site is dedicated to bringing coverage to the world of hyperlocal media, advertising and companies.

Co-founders Laura Rich and David Hirschman already have plenty of material lined up. There’s an interview with the CEO of Gowalla, Josh Williams, who says that Groupon and LivingSocial better evolve or get left behind, a daily news roundup, columns analyzing new ideas, and a look at the week’s best investment or strategy.

Hirschman tells FishbowlNY that Street Fight is providing a service that is desperately needed as activity around the hyperlocal movement increases.

“People have been trying to figure out how to reach local advertisers with ‘hyperlocal’ sites and services for a long time, mostly without a lot of luck,” says Hirschman. “Everyone knows there’s a ton of money to be unlocked in local online advertising, but the secret sauce has remained somewhat elusive. Recent strides by companies like Groupon, Patch, Everyblock, and Foursquare, though, seem to indicate that we’re getting closer to solving the puzzle, and we want to be the go-to place for information and insight as it’s happening.”

As the industry grows, so will Street Fight: Plans are already in motion to add a directory of resources and later this year the site will feature research.

It’s takes a lot of work to cover the booming local news trend, but the team behind Street Fight has the right attitude. Hirschman says the goal of the site is “Total world domination. One block at a time.”