Sting Retools ‘Message in a Bottle’

It’s been a stellar week for Jimmy Fallon musical bits. On Wednesday, he took a break from show prep to engage in a “Breakdance Conversation” with Brad Pitt. And on last night’s telecast, he ran Sting through some fun-fun Smartphone business.


The first half of the Sting shtick, wherein Fallon gets Mr. Sumner to sing versions of three familiar ringtones, is cool. Especially when the ringtone sounds suspiciously like an old copyrighted Police song. But where this bit really soared is towards the end (starting at the three-minute mark), when the host enlists the superstar to record an audience member’s mobile phone outgoing voicemail message.

Fallon did something similar a while back with Steven Tyler, with similar success. We especially enjoyed watching how much more excited Fallon is by the “Message in a Bottle” riff than audience member Sandor, visiting from Hungary. And… even when it’s something as frivolous as this, there’s also no denying: Sting can sing!