Still No Dough for Paste Freelancers


Considering how Paste shuttered last week because it couldn’t afford to even keep its lights on, it’s probably safe to assume that paying freelancers might not be its top priority right now.

According to Gawker, several writers are due checks — one claims he’s been waiting almost two years — and the frustration is beginning to settle in. The site obtained a regretful, yet seemingly genuine email sent to a freelancer from the Ellie-nominated magazine’s founder and EIC Josh Jackson:

I was way too optimistic in both thinking things were turning around for us and for thinking that investment money was coming in. We’ve been in survival mode for way too long and dug way too big a hole. Unless the rug is about to get pulled from under me again, the days of delayed payments should be behind us soon. Glad to hear there will be no hard feelings if we can get you paid, and I’ll understand the hard feelings if we can’t.

Sigh. Wonder if Jackson and the crew regret not charging folks for this back in ’08. Coulda been a cash cow.