Stewart: “You don’t listen to anybody!” Matthews: “This is the worst interview I’ve ever had in my life!”

Oh it was on between Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews last night. Stewart clearly isn’t a fan of Matthews’ latest book, describing it as…

…”a self-hurt book”

…”a book about sadness.”

“If you live this book,” said Stewart, “your life will be strategy and if your life is strategy you will be unhappy.”

When Matthews accused Stewart of trashing his book, Stewart responded, “I’m not trashing your book, I’m trashing your philosophy of life.”

At the end, Matthews asked Stewart to come on “Hardball.” Said Stewart: “I don’t troll” (although, to be fair, he later said, “I’ll come on your show and you can yell at me”).

One FishbowlDC reader said that he fared much better on yesterday’s Martha Stewart Show.