Steve Mason Reveals HBO Star’s ‘Pocket Personality’

Today at lunchtime, a memorable pair of anecdotes were shared on 710 ESPN Radio by John Ireland and Steve Mason, chatting on the crossover with Mychal Thompson and Mark Willard.

First, Ireland recalled how he and Mason once owned a horse that started out well but then became a loss leader. They wanted to call the horse Pocket Personality, but the name was taken and they settled instead for Phone Abroad.

Mason meanwhile explained that when he worked on The Late, Late Radio Show With Tom Snyder and Steve Mason, he once asked an absolute knockout of a female guest why she was dating a certain celeb. She admitted it was because he had “pocket personality,” e.g. his wallet was the overriding attraction. Mason promised to share the details on Twitter, only, and did.

We have a feeling this ten-character, two-word message will lead to some real time on Twitter and-or the phone with the named individual. Meanwhile, today’s exchange was another reminder that the playful dynamic between Mason and Ireland, like that of Willard and Thompson, Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley, is what makes 710 ESPN such great daily radio.