Steve Jobs Demolishes Historic Residence, Prepares for New House Designed by Apple Store Architects


Early last spring, you might recall our reporting on the ongoing trials and tribulations surrounding Apple CEO Steve Jobs‘ sixteen year struggle to demolish the George Washington Smith-designed home he bought in 1984 and build something new on the Woodside, California property. At last we left it, preservation groups had managed to block Jobs’ request from the city to the tear down the house, resulting in more court appointments. Since then, Jobs has finally won his battle, with the groups dropping their suits and the city offering him the permits he originally won more than six years ago before the latest issues began. Now that the original house has come down, Gizmodo has an incredibly detailed look at the new house plans. True to form, while the house is gigantic (coming in at close to 5,000 sq. ft.), it’s set to play into Jobs’ less-is-more standards he’s put into the technology company he runs. What’s more, the site reports that the architecture firm hired for the residential project is responsible for several of Apple’s most famous stores, including its celebrated Fifth Avenue shop in New York. And now that construction has begun, this will likely be the last time you see anything of the house until years from now when its sold and in 2102 when another billionaire buys it and has to fight preservation groups who want to keep it around.