A Very Unfortunate Steve Carell Typo

A report that is not-so-greatly exaggerrated

We’re amazed this still hasn’t been fixed. Take a look at the first two paragraphs of the following weekend overseas dispatch:


It’s not so much the editor(s) at the Belfast Telegraph who goofed here, creating a Hall of Fame stumble-by-omission article beginning. But rather Cover Media, credited at the bottom with having fed them the celebrity-snippet content.

Carell obviously did not die last summer; the “comedy great” being cited is the late Robin Williams (as becomes clear if one keeps reading a bit further). Still, that great stone-faced expression Carell shared from his Golden Globes table Sunday when Amy Poehler dressed him down to mere “paranoid murdering millionaire” would be apt here too. Or a tweet at some point along the lines of this one during the Globes, from another comedy great: