Stephen Glass: From Bad-Guy Journalist to Good-Guy Law Firm Employee

He lives near Silver Lake with his girlfriend, beagle and three cats. He’s a vegan and fervent animal rights supporter. And he once performed with a local comedy troupe.

These are some of the intriguing personal details contained in L.A. Times reporter Maura Dolan’s “Column One” profile of disgraced New Republic fabricator Stephen Glass. While his successful passing of the State Bar of California currently sits on counter-appeal at the state Supreme Court level, his boss since 2004, Paul Zuckerman, vouches for the reformed reporter and provides a long description of how Glass was hired on as a clerk at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley LLP:

Zuckerman said he reflected on his own descent into substance abuse and his recovery with a 12-step program. “Who was I to deny the guy a second chance?” Zuckerman said. He invited Glass for an interview.

Going in the next day, Glass wore a suit and tie too formal for Zuckerman’s casual firm. He explained at length his published lies, his infamy and his efforts to come to terms with his past in psychoanalysis. Zuckerman had counseled lots of alcoholics and saw Glass as “a guy who had a spiritual change.”

Glass currently works 70 hours a week for the firm and earns about $150,000 per year. Though he declined to be interviewed for the piece, Dolan reports that he has decided not to get married to his writer-lawyer girlfriend until same-sex marriages are also legal in California. Read Dolan’s full article here.