Stephen Colbert, MEDIA Magazine Person Of The Year


FishbowlNY frenemy Stephen Colbert is the MEDIA magazine Person of the Year. He follows in the footsteps of Steve Jobs (MEDIA POTY 2006), and former Vice President and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore (MEDIA POTY 2007). From Joe Mandese, the editor of Media Post Publications:

”We’re not saying Colbert hasn’t had a tangible impact. It’s just that it has been in a subtler way than that of our other leading poy candidates — power shifters like Rupert Murdoch, Facebook dweeb-in-chief Mark Zuckerberg, or the Googleplextuplets of Brin, Page and Schmidt — who moved big pieces around the media chessboard. Instead, Colbert moved us. He moved us to laugh. And he moved us to think. And in so doing, succeeded where countless other political satirists failed. And he did it during what arguably has been a time in which potent political poking was needed more than ever. He did it by playing the part so well that it has often been difficult to know exactly which side he is poking.”

Late last year Stephen Colbert’s campaign to win the Palmetto State’s Democratic primary was thwarted by the party’s executive council, aka, the guys without a sense of humor.

(image via election20)