State of the Union Coverage

sotu.jpgAh, State of the Union night. Or, as crooks and thugs in DC like to call it, “The best night of the year to cause ruckus because the streets will be empty.”

ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS all begin coverage at 9pm for the speech. Both FOX and PBS cut out at 10:30 and ABC, CBS and NBC return to local news at 11pm.

On cable:

  • CNN: Proving that cable news is nothing if not redundant, a quick look at CNN’s schedule tonight reveals that, in reality, their coverage begins at 4pm and goes until 1am (when they just replay the State of the Union address again). Anderson Cooper provides a 360 degree look at the SOTU following the address. And can Larry King really stay awake until midnight? But officially, CNN states that “Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn start CNN’s coverage of Bush’s State of the Union address at 7 p.m. ET in ‘The Situation Room.'”

  • Fox News: Bill O’Reilly leads into Fox News’ coverage of the SOTU, which will be hosted by Brit Hume. At 11pm, on come Hannity & Colmes to fairly and balancedly assess the President’s speech. At midnight, the SOTU–again!

  • MSNBC begins their SOTU coverage at 7pm with Chris Matthews, then Keith Olbermann at 8pm, the SOTU at 9, and then Matthews taking charge of the coverage following the speech, until midnight when–guess what?–a SOTU rebroadcast!

  • Oh, and naturally, C-SPAN will be there every step of the way.

For even more details, go to the incomparable TVNewser.