State Of The Media Jobs Industry: August-October 2010

Once again it’s time for our semi-regular analysis of the state of the media industry, as measured by how many media jobs are Out There.

Last time we did this, in August, jobs were up, recovering from a slight dip over the summer doldrums. This time: jobs are still up, but there were more doldrums to get through! Mediabistro’s board, for example, suffered a bit of a drop in mid-September but is now back up and averaging 1350 active job listings each day.

(Click to enlarge.)

As always, the blue line represents the actual number of jobs on the board at a given day, while the red line represents a moving average that smooths out weekly variability (usually there are more jobs on a Friday than a Monday, for example.)

After the jump, more media job boards (including a new one this time around – PRSA’s board!) and our methodology:

This is a very unscientific survey, but we thought we’d try to make clear what we’re doing anyway.

It’s very simple. Around the same time every afternoon, we visit each job board and make a note of how many postings are listed. So this doesn’t measure the quality of postings, account for duplicates, or even guarantee that one board with bigger numbers is better than a board with smaller numbers. Heck, it doesn’t even account for the days that we’re sick and forget to check the post total. But it does at least give jobseekers some idea of what they’re up against.