State Of Online Video: LonelyGirl15 Studio Giving Up On Original Series

The studio behind Lonelygirl15 is turning to big-name media companies to pay the bills, paidContent reports. EQAL is halting development of original online series in favor of running online video for existing brands like Paula Deen or CBS’ Harper’s Island.

“To build and sustain audiences and get [original shows] noticed you need an enormous platform,” COO Greg Goodfried told AdWeekMedia. “Unless you can get YouTube to put you on their home page every other day it’s tough.”

Just what you gotta do to pay the bills, apparently.

According to Goodfried, EQAL’s most recent original series, a lonelygirl follow up, drew just a few hundred thousand views per episode. Since the company’s paying for union actors, screenwriters, and producers, that’s chump change.

“People have asked me, ‘what’s the next Lost online?’ and I always say, there’s never been a Lost online,” Goodfried said. “I can’t point to a single thing that’s done that.”