Starbucks Hired Back Arthur Rubinfeld to Make Their ‘New’ Old Again


It looks like Starbucks is making a new push to, well, get things back to their old glory days, before their eyes got too big for their belief that they could never stop expanding. First they hired their old leader back, Howard Shultz, and it looks like they also quietly brought back their head designer/architect, Arthur Rubinfeld, around the same time at the beginning of this year. His role? Make some plans instead of expanding into every storefront with a for sale sign out front, bring back the store’s architectural plans to how things used to be in the good old days, and redesign the store’s interiors to better reflect what people liked about them when they were just a tiny, mom and pop-esque billion dollar empire. He’s also likely been behind some of the changes like going green and its horribly offensive old/new logo. Here’s a bit about the interiors:

He also wants to change the inside of Starbucks stores. Last week, he presented a new design to the company’s regional managers. Elements of it, like energy-efficient lighting, new furniture using reclaimed materials and modular merchandising racks to display the growing array of Starbucks products, will begin appearing in stores across the United States later this year. So will new paintings that evoke the company’s coffee heritage – as opposed to what Rubinfeld calls the generic “Pier 1 art” dotting some store walls now.

With all of this redoing and rebuilding, we have to ask if they’ve heard about this little financial mess we’re in? Just checking.