First Group of Students Selected for Stanford in New York

Twenty Stanford undergrads are headed our way.

Launching in the fall, Stanford in New York is a three-year pilot program that aims to cycle small groups of undergraduate students through a thoroughly Manhattan academic quarter. With some specialized course options added to the mix.

Here for example is part of the description for program course “Writing in the City:”

Writers like Zadie Smith, Nathan Englander and Colson Whitehead will be invited to the class to discuss their work and the city’s influence upon it; students will be encouraged to attend literary events like the Moth Storytelling Series, Amanda Stern’s famous Happy Ending Reading Series and the literary lectures at the 92nd St. Y. Students will visit the city’s independent bookstores – icons like the Strand and St. Mark’s Bookshop, but also secret gems like Michael Seidenberg’s tiny Upper East Side shop, Brazenhead Books.

Students will pay a visit to the New York Public Library to learn how writers use its incomparable collection for research. A panel of experts from the publishing industry — magazine and book editors, publishers, and literary agents — will visit the class to discuss the essential relationship between writers and those who bring their work to print.

The program is scheduled to run once in the 2015-16 academic year, twice in 2016-17 and three times in 2017-18. Today, the university announced that the inaugural group of participating students has been finalized:

The first cohort of students – 11 juniors and nine seniors – represents 16 disciplines, ranging from computer science to architectural design, from human biology to medieval and ancient art history, and from symbolic systems to East Asian Studies.

More than 50 students applied for the 20 available slots. In choosing the first cohort, Stanford took into account each student’s intellectual goals, disciplinary backgrounds and particular interests, and factored in the university’s desire to create a diverse and balanced group. The students will prepare for Stanford in New York through individual meetings and a group orientation session on campus during spring quarter.

The NYC program is being overseen by Rosina S. Miller. Read her Stanford Q&A here.

P.S. Due to rising rents, that “secret gem” mentioned in the “Writing in the City” course description (Brazenhead Books) is currently searching for a new location, effective July.
[Photo of Miller with student: L.A. Cicero]