Stan Lee’s Social Media Origins Story

Score one for Westwood, CA comic book fan Manny Redruello. It was his question submitted to that elicited a most memorable response from Marvel maestro Stan Lee.

Redruello wondered how Lee might have used Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the social media pantheon if these tools had been around during the early stages of the latter’s remarkable career. Answered the man who can also be found @TheRealStanLee:

“Well, I didn’t have Twitter, but I had my column and we had letters pages in the comic books, where readers would write letters. You know the reason I wear glasses now? Because I strained my eyes! I read every damn letter and answered as many as I could. I was writing to them and they were writing to me, and it felt like I had a million friends all over. So that was my Twitter in those days.”

On the new Twitter, 89-year-old Lee has been busy reminding followers he will be at the Wizard World convention in Philadelphia this weekend to sign copies of Romeo & Juliet: The War. A dynamo by any other name…

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