Stalking Your Ex Now the Second Most Popular Activity on the Internet

Google may still reign supreme at the top of the Internet heap, but with 134 million unique users in January, Facebook just passed Yahoo as the second most-trafficked website in the world. Hooray! A true victory for stalkers, narcissists and the extremely bored alike!

From the L.A. Times:

[Facebook] reported that Web users spent 11.6% of all their Internet time in January on Compare that to 4.25% of their time on Yahoo and 4.1% of their time on Google.

Facebook has enjoyed explosive growth over the last year. The company recently announced that it has over 400 million active users, 50% of whom log on to the site each day. Those users upload over 3 billion photos to the site each month.

Meanwhile, Youporn’s traffic was down nearly 7% last month according to the web info company God, what’s with the kids these days and their photos and their social networking? Whatever happened to the good old days of the Internet when people watched free porn all day and fell asleep in sorrowful puddles of loneliness?

Photo: Facebook