Stacy McCain Resigned?!?

That’s what we’re hearing this evening, that Washington Times Assistant National Editor Robert Stacy McCain called National Editor Ken Hanner today and declared his intention to resign.

Why? Well, McCain was the person mentioned in our earlier blind item. During a heated moment in the Times newsroom yesterday, McCain’s temper rose over what others described as his frustration with having too many jobs to juggle (the same sources also confirm that McCain does, in fact, contribute in myriad ways for the newspaper).

Sources told FishbowlDC that they heard McCain get into a charged debate with Deputy National Editor Victor Morton and then, fully irate, McCain proceeded to storm into Hanner’s office where voices were raised and “I quit” was overheard by those outside Hanner’s door. This carried into the newsroom — “a yelling fit,” said one — and everyone in the newsroom heard and watched McCain’s dramatic exit.

Upon leaving the newsroom, McCain violently slammed through a pair of heavy steel doors, kicking them open and nearly hitting Assistant Metro Editor Lyn Pusey, who just barely dodged the flying doors.

But the assumption was that McCain would return to work on Wednesday and all would be well, but that did not happen. And now we hear that McCain called into Hanner today to confirm his desire to quit. Still, word is that this has happened before (a few times, even) and there is some speculation tonight that Managing Editor Fran Coombs is prepared to try to sooth McCain’s ruffled feathers and try talk him back into the newsroom.

Stay tuned…(for what it’s worth, McCain’s Facebook page still has him with the paper…)

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