Spotify Rolls Out iTunes Rival

Innovations give Apple a run for its money

iTunes might finally have some competition. Today Spotify launched the trifecta: its own version of the iTunes store, iPod syncing capability, and an app that allows users to access their Spotify playlists from their iPhone and Android phones. The new services are available to free and paid subscribers, and certain features may just give Apple a run for its money.

Spotify is offering users the chance to buy songs in bulk, keeping quantity high and price low. The more songs users buy, the cheaper it will be. The company will also now allow users to sync tracks from their various hardware devices via Wi-Fi, something iTunes has yet to do.

In true Apple style, however, programmers have made iTunes indispensable to Apple hardware users. iPhone and iPod users will still need to use iTunes for synchronizing apps, software updates, photos, video, and other nonmusic content.

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