Spool Lets You Save Articles And Videos For Personal Offline Use

There are a host of tools out there that allow you to save articles of interest to read at a later time, but Spool takes a different approach. The San Francisco based startup, which just secured $1 million in funding, focuses primarily on offline content consumption, with a strong emphasis on the belief that users should be allowed to save personal copies of web pages and videos for private use.

According to AllThingsD, Spool “isn’t just a storage service. Users can store links for their own private use, and also in the process send them to one or more of their Facebook friends.” By downloading the Spool plug-in for your browser, as well as the app for your mobile device, you can simply click the Spool browser button to have videos and articles automatically sent to your phone for viewing, even without an Internet connection. Another neat feature is that Spool automatically converts Flash videos into HTML 5, making it easy to view videos on your mobile device even if it doesn’t support Flash.

Spool’s co-founder, Avichal Garg, told AllThingsD that he likens the service to a “Path for content,” and believes users should be allowed to save a copy of  websites and videos for personal use.

You can sign up for an invite to Spool at their website.

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